Are You Jacked Up On Stress?

By: Lisa Spencer Inside By Design Well, Hello Lovely Queen Bee, How are you doing? Are you taking time for yourself like I mentioned a while back? I know I’ve talked a lot about this, and I’d imagine most of you are gettin’ it by now, but If not,... read more

How to Have a Relationship the Lasts a Lifetime

By:  Lisa Hayes When can you put your relationship on autopilot and let it run itself? Anytime you want, as long as you don’t really care where things go. Someone suggested to me a few days ago that my Honey and I make marriage look easy.  She asked what my secret... read more

The Evolution of Beauty

By:  Lisa Hayes Recently, I often find myself looking in the mirror, wondering what my 25 year old self would think of the reflection staring back at me.  I’m not sure why I pick 25.  Frankly, that was a bad year for me.  I was 25 when it first occurred to me my world... read more

What is Love?

By:   Lisa Hayes I can’t count the number of times I’ve asked a client how they define love and they draw a blank.  I’m talking about what it means to love another person.    Love might feel like one of the undefinable, intangible things.  However, it’s hard to... read more

How to Stop the Cycle of Fighting

I hear it all the time.  “We’re constantly fighting, and we aren’t getting anywhere.  Nothing is actually getting resolved.  The problems are still there.” There is a common misperception about fighting.  That misperception is that you fight to fix things.  You don’t.... read more

Why Are We Fighting?

By: Lisa M. Hayes Any parent, especially a parent of a teenager knows one thing.  Your sanity, and relationship with your child depends on wisely picking your battles.  A clean room might be less important than a curfew.  What they wear might be less important than... read more

The World Cup of Doing Too Much

By: Sandra Guiraud It took me a while to figure out what to write about. There are countless subjects I could touch upon that would be perfectly relevant and downright therapeutic in many ways for me and hopefully whoever would read. And yet, choosing a topic felt... read more