I hate to be the bearer of bad news, gorgeous one,
but here it is …

Nothing EXTERNAL can save you.

(Of course, you don’t actually need ‘saving‘ at all,
but that’s a discussion for another day)

And before you get all on your high horse and tell me
that God or any of the Ascended Masters actually have saved you …
please realize that they didn’t do it alone.

YOU had to be open,
be willing,
be courageous.

YOU had to take the action,
say the word,
change the thought.

YOU had to BE the one who began the saving
so that the Energy-You-Believe-In could amplify what you started.

There’s an old joke where a guy keeps praying + praying + praying
that he could win the lottery.
Finally, an exasperated voice booms from the heavens,
“Well, buy a bloody ticket then!”

YOU have the power to re/create your life, supernova.

You can do it in an instant.
In this instant.

And the best part is …
when you do,
you’ll get all the support you could ever dream of.

Ready when you are,

Jacqui Gates

PS An antique Irish nun once told me, “God helps those who help themselves.” Smart woman.

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