By: Auretha

neon-pants-1Have you seen those joggers with big, hot pink/orange/Day~Glo Butts?? What do you think?

I’M IN LOVE. With their tiny, round, curvy, flat, big DAY~GLO BUTTS! You ask, “Why, Pray Tell, would you love such tacky, bright colors for butts???”

Because I can see them.

Have you ever almost not seen the people who are walking around at night, crossing the street, in their black tee shirts and black jeans and shoes, sometimes on bikes with no lights? Do you ever think, as I do, that it’s amazing that they are still alive??

Every time I slip on my Day~Glo coral walking knickers, I make sure it’s at night. There are several reasons for this, but the number 1 is that I LIKE LIFE. Which brings me to my point .


My number 1 concern while driving at night is pedestrian awareness. The interesting thing about the PEOPLE IN BLACK is that they ASSUME they are seen. Dumb Asses!!

The Smart Asses make SURE they are seen. Like me, they might wind a head lamp around their wrist, point it backwards and turn it ON while they are walking. Or they will apply a BLINKING light for safety, and hopefully, wear DayGlo or reflective clothing and shoes. One can never be too safe when it comes to visibility.

Drivers are busy. They are distracted, trying to get home. Talking, thinking, eating, texting, listening to music….just like people at home, at work, or online.

How will you make sure they see you?

There’s a time when you need to own why you are walking about on God’s green earth. Your purpose. So if it’s your purpose, your raison d’etre, to paint beautiful ink paintings on wooden bowls (Hi Ann~Thanks for reading all these years!), then you will want to raise the flag for others so that they can see and enjoy what it is that you do. Or if you love to help people grieve lost loved ones and move forward like Cheryl Merz of, or help people with their love life, or to move their asses, or to get healed…then thatis a flag worth waving.

I must now refer to an ancient mystical text that speaks volumes of truth to my soul.

No one after lighting a lamp puts it in a cellar or crypt or under a bushel measure, but on a lampstand, that those who are coming in may see the light. {Luke 11:33 Amplified }

You must be willing to SHINE YOUR LIGHT.

Even when it feels really scary!!!. and TOO MUCH…. AND BOLD. ANDMOST OF ALL very, very BRIGHT!!!!

We are all confronted by choice points everyday. Will I play small? Will I hide so I am not criticized, or hurt, or abused? What if someone doesn’t like my wooden bowls with artistic floral motifs? OR judges me that I am a kookie wacko person because dead people show up and talk to me because they have things to say to help their loved ones move on??

OR Will I wear my Day Glo pants only at night so that no one will judge the size or lumpiness of my butt?

Funny, or not so funny, BUTT you do see my point, right?

WHAT IF it was actually more dangerous to be the PERSON IN BLACK, hiding your light, under a bowl (ironically). WHAT IF it is safer to be the person with the BIG, DAY~GLO BUTT?! (Who is seen, even with a host of ‘imperfections’, but who is helping people and moving forward in life?)

I’m not going to say more right now.  This is part 1 on Visibility. I just want you to take this in. Chew on it. Know that I will be writing more about this soon. Stay tuned, and for God’s Sake, SHARE. You KNOW you’re not the only one who needs to hear this.

All my love,