She’s out there somewhere,

with her head in the clouds and her feet in the dirt.
She wanders from place to place 
thought to thought.
She can’t be caught or caged.
She won’t be someone’s pet or possession.
She won’t be tamed,
and even though sometimes she wishes she could tame herself she can’t. 
She’s inside every woman. It’s the free spirit part of her that drives her desire to explore.
She’s a mystic.
She’s an enigma.
She’s easy going and deeply intense all at the same time.
This woman doesn’t conform. Her closet is full of things that don’t look like they will match, and yet she always looks put together.
Her closet looks like a travel blog. Her jewelry box is full to the brim with crystals and beads. Every single thing she wears has a story.
She’s colorful, but in a earthy way. This woman’s wardrobe is sacred. She is probably wearing something she meditates with or on.
Men and woman are both fascinated by and attracted to the mystic.
People are drawn to her, but she’s always a bit confusing, a mystery.
She doesn’t reveal too much.
You won’t find much makeup on this beautiful face.
However, when she decides to paint on a face, it’s about art more than glamour.
She doesn’t own a blow dryer.
Her hair is either long and wild, or short and wild.
The mystic woman was 50 on her 13th birthday. She’s always been wise beyond her years. Even at 80 she’s wise beyond her years.
She’s never been concerned with aging because she’s always been the perfect age. Every year gets better. She gets more interesting as time passes.
The Mystic doesn’t follow trends, nor does she try to set them.
If you want to invoke your inner mystic:
Let nature inspire you.
Think sacred more than style.
Dress for dance and movement.
Earth tones and jewel tones set the mood.