By: Nikki Davis

Are you going through a major life challenge and looking for help navigating your way through it? If so, how can incorporating the dynamic energy of an ancient Hawaiian goddess renowned for her violent temper help you? Intrigued or skeptical? Read on…..

The deity that I am referring to is Pele, the goddess of fire and volcanoes. Who is she and how did her legend come about it? One very popular myth has it that Pele was banished away from her origin of Tahiti by her father because of her extreme temper and seduction of her sister, Namakaokahai’s, husband. Pele then went on a long journey in which she finally ended up on the islands of Hawaii where her mercurial spirit has permanently resided deep within the craters of the Big Island’s Kilauea Volcano ever since. Despite being sent away, Pele made no attempt to modify her behavior at all as numerous tales have been told of her wild love affairs, jealous rages, and violent outbursts. Pele is the Hawaiian word for lava. It is no wonder then that she has been attributed to violent volcanic activity and disruption on the Main Island. Both in the literal and symbolic sense, Pele akin to the Goddess Kali, initially destroys to eventually clear a path for transformation and rebirth.

Although Pele is often associated with jealousy and hell bent wrath, my intention here is to demonstrate how we can all utilize the positive, constructive aspects of strong passion and catalytic energy to aid in our manifestation process. Where can we utilize Pele’s power to erupt massive volcanoes of clarity to clear paths of stagnant energy? What are some of the ways that we can honor Pele by incorporating her fierce, passionate, and powerful energy into our lives?

At her core, Pele represents transformation and courage. Change can be scary but it can also be manageable when taken in micro-steps. Courage and resolve grow as each new step builds upon the ones previous to it. For example, I have always had a lifelong fear of public speaking and have actually turned down wonderful opportunities because of it. So by taking Pele’s lead, I initially took an improv class with my circle of geek friends and absolutely loved it. Next I upped the ante by taking another improv class clear on the other end of town with people I had never met before and had a wonderful time. This led me to spontaneously lead a discussion at an independent bookstore. (The owner and other attendees commented on my public speaking skills which boosted my confidence even more). Another area that has traditionally presented challenges for me has been in the area of vocation. In my previous life (and hopefully my last one), I worked in an analytical capacity. Although paid very

well, I was deeply unhappy as I have always been a very creative, artistic person. I tried the very best that I could to infuse my love of color and design into my projects but let’s face it, there is only so much you can artfully do with a table in excel! So then I went on a quest find work that was fulfilling for me. The quest took many a frightful and at times, delightful turns along the way. It took summoning up courage (and my inner Pele) to release limiting beliefs about being creative at a certain age, putting myself out there, asking for help while starting over (AGAIN!), and finally, really believing that I can create the type of work that is both providing value to others AND fulfilling for me emotionally, monetarily, and spiritually.

What are some areas of your life where you feel stymied and want massive changes? A great place to start is to identify a major life goal that scares the hell out of you but still excites you anyway.

Next, break it down into micro-steps. Reward yourself for each step completed as you build your courage muscles. Or you can scratch what was previously mentioned and go all out with a combination of Bigfoot leaps and baby steps! Either way, you are still honoring Pele (and most importantly, you!) by moving forward in your life. Please comment below with your challenges and how you plan on incorporating Pele’s energy into your life or if you feel stuck altogether and need help. I would love to hear from you!