So, I am sitting in starbucks sipping my green tea latte, journal in front of me, pen in hand ready to write this blog. We all know the theme is Law of Attraction, however the subject of the day escaped me. That is when I saw “him”. Oh yes, the handsome man that frequents my neighborhood coffee establishment. We exchanged some simple chit chat, a smile or two and a few casual glances. I made a snap decision to be brave.

My mind said “be who and what you are Christina, a vibrant beautiful woman”. I decided it was time to quit living small, and break out of my comfort zone. I did my check list of hair, makeup and the such and realized all was good to go forth.

Journal still empty of word, pen still in hand, I waited for his glance to come my way once again, and I asked if he would like to join me. The next several seconds felt more like a train wreck at best. You know that moment when you are witnessing a severe accident, but cannot seem to look away. Yes, well, that is what transpired. Now, if handsome would have simply said no thank you, I believe things would have gone “smoother”. Instead, hottie fumbled with his words, looked like he wanted to sprint out of his chair, and then shook his head no pointing toward the door. Wow. I felt as if everyone in the room fell silent witnessing my humiliation. I instantly felt stupid, embarrassed and yes, I FELT SMALL. Funny enough, my topic was going to be on living small.

Moments later Mr. Not So Right hurried himself right on out the door. Where do you suppose my frisky sexy frame of mind went? Right on out the door with him. I began to hear the self talk that I had escaped ages ago.

Stop!!! Right here, right now, stop!!! What just happened here? I mean, what really happened just now? Was I rejected? Was I just offered a reminder from the Universe of what the underlying energy was below my sexy frisky? I will go with the latter.

Seconds after Mr. Man left I found myself laughing outloud right there in my coffee heaven. I began texting a friend giggling at the mad complexity of the Universes sometimes twisted sense of humor. I go to the source I choose to get clarity, which for me is Abraham Hicks, and the quote I open states “Now is never going to get better until its better right now”.  Another burst of laughter.

I could hear my 20 year old daughter in my head saying, “girl, you just got served”. More giggling. I was not rejected!! This had nothing at all to do with me personally, but it had everything to do with the underlying vibrational belief that still lingered deep inside. I was served a big fat dose of Christina’s true feelings that were hiding beneath the lush eyelashes, lovely glossed lips and great hair. The truth is, prior to asking Mr. Fine, I wondered “what if he says no, I will be so embarrassed, humiliated”. Well, the Universe and all its wisdom heard my request, and gave a nice heaping plate full of the humiliation and embarrassment. The Universe always says “your wish is my command.”

Still smiling at the brilliance of this moment of clarity I see that the Universe continues to offer me reminders of my vibrational patterns and thought. With wit and slight sarcasm, the power of the Law of Attraction is brought forth clearly and blatantly. I have the choice of feelinging. I get to choose to see the humor, or the humiliation. I get to choose to take all of these things personally, or to see them for what they truly are. I chose in that moment to stop and to recheck. I chose to start a new series of thoughts. I chose to remember how very blessed the day was, the leaves tossing in the parking lot, the smiles of the faces around me, the green tea latte tickling my tongue, and how amazing it was how effortlessly this blog was flowing from my pen.

Thank you Mr. Reminder for presenting yourself to me so that I would be reminded of my worth, my beauty and my choices in each moment of each day. What a grand gift.

Blessings Be,