She is certain.

She is bold.

She’s is timeless.

She’s is in control, 

but she doesn’t hold back.

She never does any thing with a bang, 

it’s always with a whisper

and yet she’s the authority and almost everything.


She lives in every woman.

It is the part of her that values tradition and quality.

It is the part of her that treasures the history of things. 

This woman is classic in every sense of the word, but that does not mean she’s ordinary. She’s anything but ordinary.

Classic 2This woman is truly timeless, but she’s also impeccably current. She’s always on point, but she’s never a trend.

She wear pearls like some women wear underwear – daily.

She has her daytime pearls, her evening pearls, and the pearls her grandmother gave her that she got married in.

Classic 3

It’s about quality with her.

When she invests in anything she doesn’t expect it to last a season, she expects it to last a lifetime, or maybe longer.

She might wear her grandmother’s pearls on the same day she carries her father’s briefcase, but when she carries that briefcase it looks elegant, feminine, and perfect.

classic 4

She is the boss. She runs the show with grace and dignity. She kicks ass and takes names, but in the most polite way possible. This woman apologizes very rarely, but when she does she means it deeply. In fact everything she says is like that because she chooses all her words just like she would a pair of Italian leather boots ~ very carefully.

Classic 5

If you want to invoke your inner classic, spend more on fewer things.

Lean into history more than fashion trends.

Anchor everything with a solid foundation of neutral, but don’t ever be afraid to stand out with color or attitude.

Think like Coco Chanel, Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”