As a Reiki practitioner and teacher, I was taught and continued to teach the art of “healing” in a very specific manner. I would have my client lay down comfortably on my massage table on their back. I would then scan my clients body with my hands to feel for any imbalance, or “issue” energetically. This is when the session would begin.

I would normally begin at the clients feet, feeling the need to assure that my client was well grounded prior to receiving healing energy. I would then slowly move my hands up my clients body, being sure to fine tune each Chakra. When I came to a place needing attention, I would focus all of my energy to the “problem”. I would funnel the Universal energy through my hands, and with intention focus this divine energy to the source of the “issue”. I would move forward with the healing session only when I felt the energy of that particular “crisis” was resolved. Or was it?

As I continued to work and grow with the Law of Attraction, I began to realize the importance of focus outside of the now. When we bring our attention to what IS we are aligning ourselves with the very energy patterns that we state we are wanting to grow from. The now, the “what is” is but a mere result of an energy pattern that we held a few months ago, a few years ago, and so on. The now is not a representation of what can be, what will be, nor what our potential is, unless we continue to focus on it.

I have learned the same is true when performing healing arts. I know that the same holds true in regards to meditation, prayer, and the alike. The continuous focus on the problem does nothing to resolve the problem.  Like attracts like. This is the easiest fundamental truth of our Universe. Allow me to repeat myself. Alike attracts alike. Forget to use fabric softener and I guarantee that your jockey comfort fit underwear will be sticking to a sock. Static electricity and static electricity will come together. Wake up in a foul mood, filled with anxiety and frustration, and I guarantee you that this is the day that you spill your coffee on your white pants, hit every red light in town, and have to pay for parking 12 blocks from where you desire to be. Alike attracts alike.

So, the question then becomes, what is the change that is made during my healing treatment, or during my meditation? I still follow every step that I used to. However, my thoughts have changed. I no longer look for the body’s imbalance, or problem or issue. I now seek to feel where the body or client believes that there is imbalance. I now scan my clients to feel where energy has become stagnant due to a belief that no longer serves that individual on their path. There is no problem, only a belief system and vibrational pattern that is not allowing my client to “feel” happiness, joy, abundance, or perfect health.  I now go into each session with my clients knowing that they are whole and complete at that moment. When I come to place within their energy field that needs my attention, I now focus on gratitude. I thank the Universe and their body’s ability to heal, and overcome all things. I know within my entire being that well being, peace, harmony, and health is present here and now. I thank the healing that has taken place, knowing that it has been done.

This slight change in perspective allows us to open up to all possibilities. When I stand in a place of love as my only truth, I then radiate love, attracting more particles of love, until I am but a ball of vibrant unconditional Universal light.

The next time you are finding yourself focusing on what is, whether that be a toothache, headache, or a run in your stockings, STOP!! What is is not what will be. What feels better? Is this the energy that you want to attract more of? You are a sock in a dryer full of other socks. Choose your cling ons carefully my friends.

Happy thoughts to you and yours.