Join the Club

The Sisterhood Circle is a sacred place.


What will you learn?

  • How law of attraction and sensual, deeply feminine energy are biologically linked
  • How to awaken that sacred attractive part of yourself and pursue your pleasure to achieve alignment with your most precious intentions
  • What flirting really is, why it’s your duty, and how to flirt with abandon
  • Why bringing your most vulnerable self and your own fun to the party makes you needless and why that’s so attractive
  • How to feel sexy to your core in jeans and a tee shirt or your hottest red dress
  • Why both men and women will bow to a woman who is willing to attend to her own pleasure
  • Why femininity is your most powerful business asset and how to bring it to the game
  • How to demand and receive your pleasure, at work, at home, and in the bedroom
  • Why being your most Charismatic self makes you a better mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, or friend
  • What real sex appeal is and why it has nothing to do with being “model” pretty
  • How to be a rock star lover and why settling for less is a sure path to shriveling up as a woman
  • and so much more you can’t even imagine


How does it work?

  • One incredibly juicy group call a week.   Wednesday at 4 p.m. PST.  
  • You will have access to Lisa, the experts, and your fellow sisters via an online forum between calls

How much?

Next to nothing.

I mean seriously next to nothing!

The group is $97.00 for an annual membership, one full year.

$97.00  is a no-brainer  investment to get your sexy back or find it in the first place.  The power that’s waiting to be unleashed is absolutely priceless.

Are you ready to be a Charismatic Woman??

You, my dear, are worth it and the time is now!

You will receive all your sign up info within 24 hours of subscription.